Epitaph of Menogenes, with a funerary fine.  Marble stele with flat-topped pediment; inscription above and within an arched recess containing a representation of a standing man with spear and dagger.
[ ] Lydia — Silandos (Karaselendi) — Rom. Imp. period — P. Herrmann, H. Malay, New Documents (2007) 102, 74
1 Ἐπάγαθος Μηνογένην τὸν
σύτροφον {²⁶σύντροφον}²⁶ μνείας
χάριν· εἴ τις
τὸν τάφον ὀρυξι, θή-
5 σει ἰς τὸ ταμεῖον
                 𐆖 φʹ.
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