Dedication to the gods and the city.  Squared block of white marble; traces of red paint in the letters.
[ ] Boiotia — Thisbe, area of — Thisbe and Ag. Ioannis, betw. — ca. 200-172 BC — SEG 36.420 — Boeotia Antiqua II (1992) 47-51 — SEG 64.455 (cf.)
1 Θεο[δ]ότω ἄρχοντος,
Λούκων Πραξίωνος
κὴ Λουκῖνα Λούκωνος
ἱαρειάξασα Ἀρτέμιδι
5 Σωτείρη v τὸν ναὸν
κατεσκεύαξαν vv
τῦς θεῦς vv κὴ v τῆ v
v π%⁸⁰όλει. vacat
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