Two proxeny decrees.  Fragment of the lower part of a plaque of white marble, inscribed on two sides. Stoich. 20 (A); 7-10 (B).
[ ] N. Black Sea — Olbia — late 5th c. BC — SA (1963.3) pp. 191-196 (I.B. Brashinsky)
face A, left.1 [․․․․․13․․․․․․]δώρο Ἡρα̣-
[κλεώτηι αὐτῶι κ]αὶ χρ̣ήμ[ασι].
face B, front [— — —]
1 ἐσπλε̣ῖν̣
καὶ ἐκπλε̣[ῖν]
καὶ αὐτὸς
καὶ χρήμα-
5 τα. vacat
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